Andrew Brennan
Andrew Brennan
Outstanding product and amazing service start to finish. From the initial quote through to after care, Yu Tee and the team have worked hard to deliver the highest quality double glazed windows and doors. Reasonably priced quote, they worked with us and our budget and were the best priced of everyone in Canberra. Helped us to organise the best dog door insert solution as well. Installation was quick and efficient, including removal of old windows and doors. They did all 7 of our windows and doors in 2 days. A few minor issues after but Yu Tee and Kevin came through, looked at it all, and fixed it all up the next afternoon. Couldn't be happier with the finished product. Massive thank you again to Yu Tee for all the help in order to make sure we were happy with it all. Loving the new doors. Can't recommend enough.
Anne Mclaughlin
Anne Mclaughlin
So happy with our Windows, thank you Yu Tee & installers. Such a professional group. We will certainly be getting in touch with you again 😀
Nigel White
Nigel White
Am exceptionally happy with Windowtec, a list is a good start: 1) I sent out 4 emails to different double glazing companies to get quotes, Windowtec was the only firm that actually showed up, measured our windows and showed us samples. The other companies (that bothered to reply) told me to email them our window dimensions and they would work out a quote THEN come and measure properly. I didn't bother to reply to those firms. 2) Yu, the Windowtec salesperson was excellent. Samples were high quality, he was upfront about what we were getting and pricing, and accommodated our revisions for opening windows. 3) The installers were great. They got the job done bang on time through super hot days, were courteous and did a great job cleaning up once the job was finished. They respected our house which was appreciated. 4) The price for the windows was excellent, below what we had budgeted for and thousands of dollars less than some older estimates we had received. I cannot recommend highly enough, our windows are great, the house is cooler when we come home and is easier to keep cool, and the new frames make our house look a lot nicer from the street.
Tim O'Sullivan
Tim O'Sullivan
Would 100% recommend windotek. Great windows, and the boys worked super hard to get them done in one day.
Emma Wells
Emma Wells
Fabulous service, the staff were friendly and polite and left our home spotless after they were finished. The windows and doors look great and have made a huge difference to our house.
Ceinwen Hiscock
Ceinwen Hiscock
We would highly recommend Windotek if you are considering investing in double glazed windows and doors. Yu-Tee was a pleasure to work with and always happy to respond to our questions and concerns. The installation team were courteous and diligent in ensuring we were satisfied with how each window and door was replaced. The end result is that our home gained a modern elegant look and greater comfort and quietness.
Steve Jobling
Steve Jobling
Went with Windotek on recommendation and after getting several quotes. They were the only company that said they could do tilt and turn UPVC double glazing while keeping our hardwood window frames. Very happy with windows. Put dog door in door in laundry. Very professional job, cleaned up afterwards well. Couple of minor issues were fixed after installation. Had windows professionally cleaned as marks from rubber suction cups and some tape glue from bubblewrap were left on some windows - cleaner said he had seen many windows over his time and these were some of the best he had seen! Highly recommended.
Roxy Willkom
Roxy Willkom
We would highly recommend Windotek for their friendly service, affordability and their quality of work and finishing product was remarkable. We were at the renovating stages of our kitchen and flooring and required a set schedule so the works of other trades would flow nicely, Yu tee and the team stuck to the agreed schedule which made the renovating process for us less stressful and prevent any delays of other trades. In the process of renovating, it was comforting to hear other trades in particular carpenters' comment on the quality of work of the installation of our windows and framing. Friends and neighbours have also been impressed on how much our windows have transformed our home. It has been great dealing with Yu tee and the team, they have provided us with amazing ideas especially around some funny shaped windows during the planning stages and have been beyond accommodating to our needs and any additional requirements we had (including replacing door handles to shorter ones and replacing rotten window beams without any additional costs or hassle). Our place now feels more secure, modern and extremely comfortable especially during Canberra cold winters. We would happily use Windotek again and refer them to those who want to add value and transform their home comfortably.
Sonam Dorji
Sonam Dorji
" I highly recommend Windotek Australia, which is managed by Yu Tee, for your consideration. Throughout the process from initial assessment to ordering & installation of the double glazed windows, Yu Tee has been professional, knowledgeable about the products & helpful in assisting us to avoid potential pitfalls & unforeseen costs. The installation team worked tirelessly to ensure that the process was completed on time, cleaning up and thereby taking care of the property. The windows have met all our expectations since installation."
Rajender Singh
Rajender Singh
It is a pleasure to deal with Yu Tee. He was the first and the only one we dealt with. Yu Tee was very open and transparent throughout the process, from initial quote to installation. The windows are of great quality and so is the workmanship. Since installation we have stopped using our ducted heater. As the weather is warming we can feel indoor are cooler too. We can feel the house is retaining more heat and it is more quieter and there is less road noise as we live on a very busy road. It took around 12 weeks from initial payment to final installation. Yu Tee and his team was very professional during the whole installation process. Each day they would round up everything and there was no trace of any work being done. I would highly recommend Yu Tee and his team.

Make your windows and doors work harder for you

Do you want to:

  • feel warm in winter and cool in summer?
  • lower your energy bills?
  • reduce outside noise?
  • improve security and the value of your property?

These are just some of the many benefits that home and business owners can achieve with our uPVC double and triple glazed windows and doors.

Windotek Australia is a leading provider of double and triple glazed uPVC window and door systems for the Canberra region. We help you achieve a higher EER rating, with 100% customised solutions that meet your needs and complement the style of your home.

See our range of windows or doors, or contact us for a free quote.


A huge range of profiles and colours

Our windows and doors come in a huge variety of colours and styles – from wood effects such as natural or rustic oak, to popular colours such as silver and anthracite grey.

Every aspect of your window or door installation is customised, including:

  • colour and style
  • swing direction
  • lock type

Our experts work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve, before creating the perfect design and managing the entire installation process for you.

Why Windotek Australia?

  • Exceptional quality
  • Maximum energy efficiency and comfort
  • Minimum 10 year warranty
  • Friendly, professional service

Windotek Australia is a leading provider of double and triple glazed uPVC windows and doors for the Canberra region.

Proven Benefits of UPVC Double glazed windows

Low Maintainence

When it comes to maintenance, UPVC windows are generally very easy to maintain and often proven to give you longer durability and stability. This means your property will also maintain its value over the years to come. To clean the windows, simply wipe the frames with soapy water and your windows will be sparkling clean within minutes. With low maintenance you will also be experiencing longer durability from UPVC windows.

Zero Condensation

Condensation is caused due to high levels of humidity trapped in the air inside your home which causes water droplets and moisture on the panels and frames to condense. UPVC double glazed windows does not let this phenomena occur because it maintains the temperature of the internal window pane closer to the air temperature in the house and as a result condensation is automatically avoided. UPVC frames also act as a bad conductor of heat and cold temperatures thereby maintaining your house temperature effectively by barring out external weather elements.

Increased property value

Adding double glazed windows to your home also directly relates to the increase in the value of your property. Double glazing makes your home more comfortable with added living conduciveness and improved home environment and look.

Energy Saving

During cold winters UPVC double glazed windows has greater tendency to retain solar heat inside your home for longer period of time thereby reducing heating costs. In summers the UPVC frames and the double glazed panels which have argon has in between the two panel of glass, blocks out external heat and keeps your home cool and pleasing to live in. All in all it helps you save a lot in energy consumption over the period of time.

Versatile and appealing

UPVC windows can blend into any style and design of existing homes. It is truly versatile when it comes to matching the existing style and fascia of all homes. In many cases UPVC double glazed windows uplift the existing look of the house through its flexible modern profile settings and design with bigger glass panels and less bits and pieces in between the whole window frame,thereby not obstructing flow of light and view from the windows.

Better Home Insulation

One of the most known facts about UPVC windows is Insulation. First the frames are technically designed with multi chamber design for greater thermal efficiency and barrier to weather conditions. This is further reinforced structurally with the galvanized steel inserts inside the frames for better strength and performance. Second, the minimum glazing specs offered by us is 26mm total glass thickness i.e. 5mm clear toughened glass on the inside + 16mm of warm edge aluminum spacer strip with moisture desiccants and Argon gas + outer layer of 5mm clear toughened glass. The Insulated Glass Unit is sealed professionally with polyurethane seal for better insulation on the unit. There are range of other choices of glass as per preference in order to achieve higher results.

Added Security

When it comes to security, UPVC double glazed windows and frames have higher security than other traditional windows. Meaning the UPVC frames are generally Un-plasticized, lead free material which promises better strength and durability. The frames are also reinforced with galvanized steel inserts for extra security. The glass on our windows are all heat treated and toughened safety glass which do not easily succumb to breaking or shattering. The double layers of toughened safety glass adds extra security to your home.

Reduced Noise

Our UPVC windows and doors bar out about 70% of the noise. UPVC double glazed windows and frames have better noise insulation. Meaning the frames and the sash on the the windows comes with added layer strips of EPDM rubber together with multi locking point systems. The EPDM rubber offers tight seal reinforced by the multi locking point systems. The double/triple glazing glass units also acts as a barrier to external noise and disturbances.

Fire Retardant

Other added security value of UPVC windows is that fire tests have shown UPVC materials being naturally flame retardant through their product life. UPVC frames will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire. Unlike timber windows,UPVC window frames do not support combustion and are in fact self extinguishing. Our Veka German profiles offer BAL rating of 40.