We’re a leading provider of uPVC double and triple glazed windows and doors in Canberra

At Windotek Australia, we’re extremely passionate about energy efficiency. We understand how important it is for people to feel comfortable in their homes, and to maximise passive heating and cooling so they can reduce energy bills and minimise their impact on the environment.

For years, the specialist team at Windotek Australia has been helping home and business owners achieve this by enhancing the quality of their windows and doors.

Unlike traditional windows and doors, our double and triple glazed uPVC window and door systems are purpose built to:

  • boost energy efficiency
  • enhance insulation
  • reduce outside noise

We only work with the highest quality materials, sourced from European manufacturers with a reputation for excellence. We liaise closely with our customers to explain the science behind their windows and doors, so they can make an informed decision and achieve the function and style they aspire to.

With decades of collective experience, our team is proud to provide the best uPVC windows and doors to the Canberra community and do our part to support our beautiful natural environment.

Please note we do not provide general repairs for existing windows or doors, or install windows or doors that have been manufactured by another company.

To learn more about Windotek Australia products, or to book a free in home consultation, simply contact us.

Double and triple glazed windows and doors installation in Canberra & Queanbeyan