We specialise in double and triple glazed uPVC window and door systems

uPVC is short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride – an incredibly strong but lightweight and low maintenance building material.

Highly popular, uPVC is a phenomenal choice to:

  • boost the energy efficiency of your home
  • improve home insulation
  • reduce your energy bills

uPVC cuts outside noise by an average of 70%, and uplifts your home’s aesthetic appeal and value with its versatile and modern look.

With better strength and durability than a standard window, you will also benefit from the added security achieved by uPVC’s double layered toughened safety glass (naturally flame retardant) and our reinforced galvanised steel frames. Condensation is a thing of the past, as uPVC automatically maintains the temperature of the internal window pane to prevent the humidity which causes water droplets to form.

Choose from a variety of glass styles and thicknesses to meet your desired outcome, and have peace of mind with our minimum 10 year warranty on all Windotek Australia products.

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Enjoy the many benefits of uPVC double and triple glazed windows and doors

  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower energy bills
  • Boosts insulation
  • Reduced noise
  • Added security
  • Zero condensation
  • Fire retardant
  • Modern and versatile
  • Increased property value

Why Windotek Australia?

  • Exceptional quality
  • Maximum energy efficiency and comfort
  • Minimum 10 year warranty
  • Friendly, professional service

Windotek Australia is a leading provider of double and triple glazed uPVC windows and doors for the Canberra region.